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Take the weight of an ending marriage off your shoulders with compassionate and confident legal services from our experienced divorce and child custody lawyer in Edmond, Oklahoma. Jencks Law Firm, PLLC, isn't your standard, cut-and-dried law firm. We know what a difficult and painful loss the dissolution of a marriage brings to your heart, your home, and your pocketbook. Count on us for personalized attention, human concern, and a patient, helping hand to guide you as best we can through the difficult maze of divorce and child custody legalities.

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Providing Calm Inside the Storm

We often lose focus on the importance of doing what's most healthy for our kids when we're in the midst of emotional turmoil. That's why Jencks Law Firm is your source not only for wise legal services, but for the objective, compassionate, and experienced guidance you need to make decisions logically, not emotionally, so that your kids suffer as little as possible and maintain their normal lifestyle.

Contested & Uncontested Divorces

Whether your divorce is contested or uncontested, we serve you as efficiently and prudently as possible. If your divorce is uncontested, we charge a flat fee. Though the flat price of uncontested divorce services depends on the logistics of the case, it's one bit of assistance we offer in an effort to save you money, as well as the added headache of hourly rates. Call us at (888) 567-7703 for more information.

Military Divorce Services

As if divorce weren't painful enough, if you or your spouse is a member of the United States military, a number of added hurdles compound the legal ramifications of ending a marriage. Some of these challenges include jurisdiction and benefits when it comes to assets and custody. We get you through the mountains of paperwork, ease the emotional strain, and diminish the difficulty of decision-making that come with a military divorce.

Child Custody & Paternity

Child custody and proof of paternity are sensitive issues. Our divorce attorney at Jencks Law Firm is qualified equally in legalities and counseling services. In Oklahoma, mothers and fathers are given equal opportunity to receive custody of the minor children. Joint custody, for the good of the children, is always preferred, though sole custody can be an option depending on the details of your particular case. Additionally, when it comes to our paternity case services, we treat each parent equally. Either way, you get the answers and support you need to resolve the thorny issues of child custody and support.

About Our Law Firm

Rita Jencks opened Jencks Law Firm in 2003, after two years of professional service as a public defender. This experience led her to forge her own company, one in which she could gain the power to work on her own terms, which means providing compassionate family law services. When it comes to our firm's philosophy, Rita is here to give you the legal counsel and human concern you need to get through some of life's most straining experiences—the fracturing break-up of a family. In fact, many of her clients have told Rita that she's as much a social worker as an attorney. Rita's goal is to provide you with the help you need.

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