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Oklahoma City Attorney: Visitation

Nothing is more important than your relationship with your child. Whether you are going through a divorce or have never been married, your rights as a parent are the same under Oklahoma law. Every parent and child is entitled to a parenting plan that provides the opportunity for a significant amount of high-quality parent-child time. As a family lawyer, I am committed to helping my clients protect those rights.

If you are involved in custody and visitation proceedings, are considering a petition for post-decree modification, or your child's other parent is considering relocation out of state, please feel free to contact my Edmond office to arrange a free initial consultation regarding representation.

A standard visitation agreement might arrange for the child to be with the non-residential parent for one weeknight every week and every other weekend. On visitation weekends, the parent typically picks the child up from school or daycare on Friday afternoon and returns the child to the school or daycare on Monday morning. Extended or expanded visitation might include more equal amounts of time at each home, or blocks of time (a month in summer, all summer) instead of, or in addition to, standard visitation. The court is obligated not to favor a father or mother when issuing a custody and visitation decree. The courts will also consider applications for grandparent visitation or other non-parental visitation under specific statutory guidelines.


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As with any issue involving children, I will recommend you try to negotiate a visitation agreement with your child's other parent — an agreement that is practical, flexible, and encourages cooperation. I am an experienced trial lawyer, however, and am always ready to go to court to protect my client's interests.

Visitation and Child Support

The terms of your child custody and visitation order not only dictate what time you spend with your child but are taken into consideration in the calculation of child support payments. If the non-custodial parent has the child for more than the standard 120 nights a year, the court will decrease the monthly child support payment significantly, a matter that should be given careful consideration during negotiations.

A custodial parent cannot withhold visitation for non-payment of child support, and the paying parent cannot withhold payment if the custodial parent is refusing to honor the court's order regarding visitation.

Call a Lawyer About Visitation

Selecting a lawyer is a critical step in protecting your parental rights. If you would like to meet with me and discuss my services, please call (405) 285-2882 or email my Edmond law firm to arrange a free initial consultation. At that time, we can discuss fee arrangements, including payment by credit card.

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